Monday, April 03, 2006

Ecoterrorist Headquarters Found in Denver: Newmont Mining to Be Confronted and Exposed at Shareholders Meeting April 25, 2006

Denver, Colorado - Beneath the cold, Orwellian façade of Newmont Mining Corporation’s headquarters in downtown Denver’s “cash register” building, a dauntless group of veteran anti-globalization activists held a press conference to announce the Stop Newmont Mining Coalition’s plan to take to the streets on April 25, 2006 to forcefully confront greedy gold digger Newmont at its annual shareholders meeting. Issuing an open invitation to everyone in Denver and across the country to join them, the Coalition made clear its intent to effectively put an end to the ecoterrorist mining corporation’s genocidal anonymity and impunity once and for all. Part of an oceanic swell of resistance from every continent where this toxic monster operates, the multicultural alliance will be joined by community members from Ghana, Peru, Indonesia, Mexico, and Western Shoshone territory, all places where Newmont’s toxic dumping has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of Indigenous peoples, and all places where its destructive practices have led to forceful, unrelenting resistance.

The Coalition is composed of groups who consistently challenge corporate and government violations of human rights, indigenous rights, workers rights, environmental sustainability, and democratic accountability, demanding an end to one-sided free trade agreements like NAFTA and FTAA , as well as usurious loans from institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, buyers of Newmont gold. Many of these activists have attended globalization protests and indigenous protests around the world. The depth of experience these groups will bring to bear as they forcefully confront the greedy beast that is Newmont Mining should not be underestimated. The Stop Newmont Coalition is calling for a diversity of vigorous, confrontational tactics during the shareholders meeting, which has already moved its seedy confab at the swank Brown Palace Hotel back to Newmont's 1700 Lincoln Street headquarters because of the expected large numbers of outraged protestors.

Awon Atuire of Ghana, one of the countries where Newmont operates, told those in attendance at the press conference that when the first European colonizers came to the land of his ancestors to steal its mineral wealth, they called it “El Mina” - the Mine. Later colonizers called the same area the Gold Coast. Atuire stated that Ghana’s gold “has become our curse.” He will provide eyewitness details of Newmont's corporate irresponsibility in Ghana as a participant in the Coalition's conference “What Price Gold,” scheduled for Monday, April 24, 2006.

The conference will be held on the Auraria campus the day before the shareholders meeting. First hand accounts of Newmont’s dirty, destructive practices also will be heard from community members representing countries as diverse as Peru, Indonesia, Mexico, and Newe Segobia (Western Shoshone). What all these countries share in common is the victimization and exploitation of their poorest communities by the greedy, Neo-Conquistador ravages of Newmont Mining.

Glenn Morris of the American Indian Movement of Colorado said, “People are mobilizing to bring an end to the kind of corporate irresponsibility Newmont represents. This corporation lives in our midst and will no longer be able to operate with impunity and anonymity. We will be back on April 25, 2006 with all our relations.”

More information about the Stop Newmont Coalition can be found on its website at Regular updates also can be found on and


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful expose'on the insidious practices of this mining company. Thank you redcape!

4/04/2006 10:18 AM  

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